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Walk the Tube 2016

January 7th 2016

And with over 120 people already emailed us, we've got more than enough names to take part - so please now don't email in. Thanks! There's always next year...

We get a lot of people asking us if they can come with us next time we go round all the tube stations, or can they have our route so that they can go and attempt it themselves!

Whilst we're not going to give away our World Record winning route, we instead in 2014 organised a mass charity event where you could get to travel to all the tube stations in one day (so that you could say you'd done it) but with no running anywhere - hence we called it 'Walk the tube'.

We did it again in 2015 (see videos below) and we're doing it again this year in 2016. It's a group of 20 or so people going round in a group all day, raising thousands of pounds collectively for our respective charities..

Want to take part?

So if you want to be able to say that you've been to all the tube stations in London, then get in touch by sending Geoff an email to (with the subject of 'Walk the tube 2016') so let us know if you're interested. If you don't put that as the subject, it will be missed and migh not be read! Please tell us your name, which part of London you're from (or where if you're outside of London).

Note - We'd like to get as many new people around the tube system as possible who have never done it before, so it wouldn't be fair if you came along on either of the two previous year to come along again this year! So we're looking for new people only ... if there are still places free though you can be on a reserve list!

You also need to be 18 or over - yes you do! Adults only please, no exceptions.

As 20 people is a good maximum number and I suspect that we'll have more than that wanting to take part this year, we'll then pull names out of a hat and the first 20 get to come along! This is the only fair way to do this as many more people have expressed interest this year, and it may be that your name doesn't get picked! We had over 100 people email us last year, and I expect that number to be higher this year, so apologies in advance if you don't get picked.

If you do get picked we'll then go out all day on the tube network visiting all stations on one day, whilst raising money for your chosen charity.

CheshamMy charity?

Yes, you can't just come along and jump on board the ride for all stations without this very important part - which is why if you want to come with us you will need you to be sponsored.

Please don't ask to come along if you're not prepared to get yourself sponsored. You will not be accepted to come along if you do not get sponsorship. Seriously, there are no exceptions - this is mandatory!

You will need to choose a charity, and get an online donations form (most people use to get people to sponsor you a few quid for getting round all the stations.


It's taking place on a Friday in April again of this year, so you'll need to take a day off work, and then you'll also have all weekend to recover too! This year we could start at Amersham/Chesham or Heathrow or maybe even Upminster! An exact route will follow if you're taking part. With no failures, it should be possible to get round all stations between 18-19 hours, ending around 11pm.

And to remind you - we're calling it 'Walk the tube', as all the connections on foot between stations will be done with no running - We'll either be walking them or catching the bus if one comes along..


LabyrinthThe Route

In 2014 we used the 'Labyrinth' route that Art on the Underground published - that same route that was used by the 2009 World Record Holders. When that attempt took place a regular District Line service to Kensington Olympia was running , nowadays thre isn't, meaning that last year we did by 'cheating' slightly and using an Overground train instead

Last year (2015) we started at Heathrow and caught one of the few early morning guaranteed Olympia trains that do still run and do it properly using the tube. (Normally, under World Record rules, an Overground train would not count).

On the day

Please be aware that on the day you'll be responsible for several things:

  • You'll need to buy a paper ticket for the day - An adult peak day Zone 1-9 travel costs £21.50. Oyster cards / Contactless are not recommended as they time out after a while (e.g. 90 minutes) and you'll get an error at the gateline as you'll have spent too long underground in-between touching in and touching out . Using a paper ticket means you won't have any problems with this. You can buy a ticket in advance too - you don't have to wait until the morning itself, which will save you time.
  • You'll need to work out how to get to the start and how to get home at the end of the day - seriously this is something that you need to consider, and you shouldn't come if you're not able to get to the start or home from the finish.Chesham
  • Bring food and drink on the day, and money for more - there will be stops along the way to get more.
  • We know where all the toilets are on the Underground - but we still recommend that you take an immodium to stop you from wanting to 'sit down' all day ... seriously!

We previously arranged a charity attempt/run back 2005 in the wake of the July 7th bombings that took place on the network. We called it Tube Relief and there is a write-up of the day here. But more importantly (because it's still relevant!) for you coming on Walk The Tube is to have a read of this On The Day Guide to Doing All Tube Stations - tells you everything you should do to prepare yourself beforehand.

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