Tube World Record


Still Plays With Trains

The Tube Challenge is a long hard day that requires stamina, mental effort, and a determination to keep going for several hours from before dawn until last thing at night. It's so much harder without a team of support people to bring you food & drink, support and live information on how the train service is actually running that day! Our record wouldn't have been possible without our team of people.

Many people also think that it just invovled 'Sitting on trains' all day, and don't realuse the amount of physiclal effort that goes into it - to enable you to run between connections outside on the street, to make sure you go as fast as possible between two stations.

Whilst Geoff (@geofftech) and Anthony (@crunchysaviour) ran it, the other most important person on the day was Chris (@molecrochip) acting as 'mission control' and directing where to go at every interchange. Whilst we do have an optimum route that we like to stick to, Chris was constantly checking real time train movements, delays and timings to keep on 'on track' at all times, and it wouldn't have been possible without him.

Our two main point/supple people for the day were Matt (@matthewf_), Kate (@kateyay), who have a unique knack of now knowing when to provide us with an all important drink, snack or sandwich to keep out energy levels up. Thanks to Mark too for his regular pizza drop at his local work station, and running guidance.

Also Vicki (@norwegiancheese) for assisting early in the morning and late in the evening. Richard must get a mention for helping and the fact that he's come with us on previous attempts that have come close to beating the record but couldn't make the full day with us on this time, otherwise he would be a record holder too.

Finally (but not at all least) to Kirk for his technical wizardry, and the ability to pull apart and analyse a working timetable like we think no one else has, which certainly gave us an advantage ...

We all like to Still Play With Trains! (#SPWT).

Station Master LogoStation Master is our own App that we wrote and created to help us guide as swiftly round the Underground. It's the exit carriage and door positions for every Tube, Overground and DLR stations in London, as well as 3D maps of the station, showing you exactly where every staircase, escalator and and corridor is so you can see how stations (particular the ones deep underground in the middle of London) are laid out.

Download it from the App Store, or have a look at the Station Master website for more details.